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I am a passionate person that has a vital need to continually create imaginary and inspiring new creatures, rooted in the poetics of art and nature, yet tightly linked to our real and partially unknown wonderful universe.

 As multidisciplinary artist, I make use of all the technical and artistic skills I have acquired during the course of a Master Degree in Architecture and another in Fine Arts, but also through an insatiable curiosity which has led me to experiment with new materials and thus renew and extend my knowledge constantly, which is mirrored in my projects. This also incorporates materials, techniques and concepts from other interesting disciplines like Botanic, Biology, Sociology and History, among others. I am an artist captivated by Land Art, Arte Povera and nature-related works of art.

Currently, I am living and working near Miami, in south Florida, USA. I come from Spain, but I grew up in different countries like France, Belgium, Morocco, Germany and England, consequently extensively exposed to extreme antagonisms and at the same time, fascinating cultures with differing outlooks and amazing landscapes. All these fabulous experiences together with my passion and respect for nature have deeply influenced my perspective of life and art.


My beginnings were experimental, dating back to 2008, just when I came back from Aachen, Germany, and, since then, I have been working on it, combining it with the teaching of art to children and adults.


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Currently, I am intensively working on projects related with the human rights, especially focused on honoring all these women who bravely fight to have a voice in society after surviving a traumatic experience. I used the nude body of the victims as a vehicle to spread their testimonies.


Overconsumption is also crucial in my work, materialism and unlimited production of waste in this globalised world has kindled in me a keen interest to explore and adore the simplicity, beauty, perfection and resistance of natural, apparently poor and many times overlooked organic elements, which is the essence of my work as an artist.


Creating a piece from nature means to appreciate the ephemeral and silent life of plants and animals, their vulnerability versus their strength and, furthermore, to love and seize the moment in harmony with the biorhythm of the planet. My practice ultimate aim is to remind us of how much nature we still have in us, even if we are continually encouraged to forget our modest but fascinating natural origins due to our artificial modern lifestyle.


During the creative process I analyse the scientific features and intrinsic potential of each element: origin, species, evolution, shape, texture, colour, humidity content, toughness, etc. After this first approach, I try to reveal the intriguing poetics of the piece that will be born from this magic and primary fragment of nature.



A restless soul, I find an inexhaustible source of inspiration in all life dimensions, especially in the universe of nature. I am a compulsive collector of any living thing that seduces me in my eternal wanderings round the mountains, the coast or gardens.


Curiously, I can see the same beauty in a creased and rough anonymous giant reed root as in a piece of work by Picasso. Both are master works, however, it is the root which is full of potential since it provides me with the chance to unleash my creative energy, exploring new and unexpected perspectives from such a humble material.


Each natural element that I touch, shape, draw and photograph fosters a physical and intellectual challenging process. The thinking hand, as the architect Juhani Pallasmaa describes it, is a metaphor for the autonomous activity of all our senses while scanning the physical world.  In my case, such activity is exercised to understand not only the properties of the material but also the exploitation and responsiveness of its inherent qualities, which will lead the surprising metamorphosis into a completely new piece of art.


The topic of nature is present in most of the artistic works I produce, whether as a conceptual vehicle to transmit ideas about human existence or as a material component in itself. From the very beginning I have been absorbed by the incredible complex and diverse textures, shapes and colours of plants and animals, brilliantly reflected in the drawings of María Sybilla, Haeckel and his “Kunstformen der Natur”, and the photographs of Blossfeldt, Talbot, E. Weston, Cunningham, A. Adams and J. Fontcuberta.



Inspired by the scannographies by Luis Castelo, I have experimented with this intriguing and relatively new field, composing some scannographies with my cherished natural materials, as you can see on the images uploaded. This type of work together with a series of art installations, paintings, sculptures and videos of my own creation, obviously with nature as the common denominator, have decisively enriched and influenced my projects.

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