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Project:"Kafka's Zoo"

How to survive as an animal or vegetal living being in a human world, when the human being has forgotten its natural origin?

lnspired by Kafka's literary masterwork:"Metamorphosis", I have developed a series of "creatures" that explores a new "wildness", a grotesque, an alien, but at the same time unreal and fascinating version of biological mutations, as a result from the catastrophic climatic and environmental global change.
Each sculpture is constructed using an additive technique, assembling organic components gathered directly from nature, always fussing by hand each piece unique fragments from plants and animals.The singularity and balance of each sculpture is the total sum of its authentic and biological diverse elements.

  I also seek to refine my working environment.  I try to abstain from all materials; clay, paints, glazes, finishes and mediums, that have known toxic properties, I source the natural, the local and the low impact .

silvanele “granade bird”
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